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2020 event in preparation, to be held October 2020 at the Montcalm Marble Arch, London

senior executives involved in sales, marketing and technology within hotel brand, operating and owning companies. In addition, other senior hotel executives at the CEO, COO and CFO level who have responsibility for these functions


HDE19 programme - a real-time update delivered

The Hotel Distribution Event 2019 featured a roster of the leading opinion formers in the hotel technology sector.


Hotel Analyst, the event’s organiser, links its investment market background with the digital disruption taking place in the industry.

“HDE is designed to get into the issues that matter for hotel owners and operators. We put on challenging sessions and 2019 saw innovators like OYO and Alibaba as presenters and panellists,” adds Sangster. “We don’t always have the right answers at Hotel Analyst – but we know the right questions to ask, and who to ask them of.”

Topics discussed at HDE19 included

    • A view from the city: an investment perspective
    • Investors and Owners Panel
    • How technology needs to catch up with business transformation needs
    • Debating distribution – hear from hotel execs
    • Distribution Innovation
    • The future of metasearch: Is metasearch doomed? And if so, what does this mean for hoteliers?
    • Sitting between brand and owner: The distribution role for third party operators
    • Growth of Airbnb
    • Impact of the sharing economy
    • Where the sharing economy will take the hotel industry

Senior industry professionals who attended the 2019 event:

  • Adam Brooks, EMEA Senior Account Manager, Agilysys
  • Alan O’Riordan, Co-Founder, Apaleo
  • Alexandra Koukoulian, Director Owner Relations, Expedia Group
  • Alex Mavridis, Chief Operating Officer, Hotel Solutions Partnership
  • Alex Rowling, Ecommerce Executive, Strand Palace Hotel 
  • Alexandra Brunner, Chief Operating Officer,  Native Apart-Hotels
  • Aex van Pelt, UK & Ireland Development Manager, Adagio 
  • Al Malik, Owner and Managing Director, Remarkable Hotels 
  • Alice O’Reilly, Business Operations Manager, Gorgeous Smiling Hotels 
  • Amanda Maltos, Director Industry Relations, Expedia Group
  • Andreas Erben, Founder & Managing Director, Gorgeous Smiling Hotels 
  • Andrew Sangster, Editorial Director, Hotel Analyst
  • Antoine Asselin, Founder, Up Mail Solutions 
  • Arlette Mensing, Senior Consultant Hotels, Colliers International Hotels B.V.
  • Aytac Aygun, Chief Operating Officer, Titanic Hotels 
  • Boris Azarenko, Owner, Vesper
  • Brandon Stockwell, Director, Citigate
  • Bruna Beck, Senior Executive, Business Development & Sales – Europe, Rategain
  • Bryan Hammer, Vice President IT, Belmond
  • Chris Martin, Senior Director, HVS Hodges Ward Elliott
  • Dave Chapman, Strategist, Cloudreach
  • Daiva Macionyte, Revenue & Reservation Manager, Cheval Collection 
  • Darryl Walker, Director of Distribution and Supply, SACO The Serviced Apartment Company
  • Doug Greenwood, Director of Sales and Marketing, Cheval Collection 
  • Giles Leather, Regional Director Business Development – EMEA, Derbysoft
  • Gilbert-André Ghammachi, Partner, MRP Hotels
  • Haris Paschalis, Director 3rd Party Distribution, Hilton Worldwide 
  • Harvey Hernandez, Co-Founder & CEO, Niido
  • Ina Ottmann, Head of Legal, Gorgeous Smiling Hotels
  • James Wheatcroft, VP Marketing Northern Europe, Accor
  • Jamie Child, Marketing & Communications Manager, Strand Palace Hotel 
  • Jane Pendlebury, CEO, HOSPA
  • Jeremy Sanders, Head of UK, OYO
  • Jeremy Ward, cloud Strategist, Cloudreach
  • Jerome Wise, Vice President – Enterprise Clients, Travelclick
  • Jouke Baaima, Director, Corporate Housing Factory
  • Jocelyn Paulley, Partner, Gowling 
  • Joy Desseigne, Research Manager, BVA BDRC 
  • Jude Bissert, Business Development Director, BVA BDRC 
  • Katherine Doggrell, Editor, Hotel Analyst
  • Konrad Zareba, Group Distribution Manager, SACO The Serviced Apartment Company 
  • Kristian Haaber, Brand Manager, Core Hospitality
  • Lennert de Jong, Director of Distribution, CitizenM
  • Liz Callaghan, Director of Revenue, Cheval Collection 
  • Macy Marvel, Associate, Hotel Analyst 
  • Mara Jozing, Director of Revenue, Strand Palace Hotel
  • Margerie Suon, Senior Associate, Hamilton Hotel Partners 
  • Mark Campbell, Chief Information Officer, Dorchester Collection
  • Mateus Paes Campos Coelho, Associate Vice President, Sales & Distribution – Europe, RateGain 
  • Matt Chetwood, COO, Pass the Keys
  • Matthew East, Partner, Gowling
  • Max Moore, Principal Associate, Gowling 
  • Michael Lacey, Partner, Gowling 
  • Michael Mernagh, Head of Sales EMEA, OTA Insight
  • Michail Tzouvelekis, Director of Global Marketing, Fornova 
  • Nadira Lalji, Founder at Inhabit Hotels, Director at Precis Management Services 
  • Neetu Mistry, Commercial Director, Cycas Hospitality 
  • Neil Burton, Global Practice Lead – Customer Strategy & Brand, Greystar
  • Nicholas Smith, Director Connectivity, Europe, Marriott Hotels 
  • Nick Chadwick, Senior Vice President, Hotel Asset Management, Starwood Capital Group 
  • Nigel Allport, Head of Business Development, For-Sight
  • Nir Dupler, CRO, Fornova
  • Nora Kurittu, Director, NK Revenue Solutions 
  • Orla Lee, VP EMEA, Market Management, Expedia Group
  • Osama Hirzalla, Vice President Sales & Distribution Europe, Marriott Hotels International 
  • Paul Payne, CTO, iRiS Software Systems
  • Peter O’Connor, Professor of Information Systems, ESSEC Business School, France IMHI
  • Rachael Smith, Product Manager, Tripadvisor 
  • Rahim Lalji, Associate, Precis Management
  • Ramesh Arora, Managing Director, The Montcalm Luxury Hotels
  • Richard Bursby, Partner, Taylor Wessing
  • Richard Clarke, Senior Analyst, European Hotels & Leisure, AB Bernstein
  • Robert Kuijper, Consultant, Colliers International Hotels B.V.
  • Robert Spiers, Marketing Manager, Cheval Collection 
  • Russell Kett, Chairman, HVS London 
  • Ruth Finnis, Director of Customer Loyalty and Partnerships, Accor 
  • Satyan Joshi, Hotel Ads Business Leader, Google UK
  • Sean Worker, Managing Director & Principal, T5 Strategies Business Architecture & Advisory Services
  • Selina Wakeling, Head of Global Sales, Cheval Collection 
  • Sharon Beaumont, Assistant Group Revenue Manager UK & NI, Dalata Hotel Group 
  • Suzie Thompson, Vice President – Marketing, Distribution & Revenue Management, Red Carnation 
  • Stuart Yeates, Head of Revenue, Distribution & Pricing, Jurys Inn Hotel Group
  • Tanya Sharapova, Research Manager, BVA BDRC 
  • Terry von Bibra, General Manager – Europe, Alibaba Group
  • Tim Davis, Founder & Managing Partner, Pace Dimensions 
  • Ujjwal Suri, Head Enterprise Business Development, Fornova
  •  Vicki Stern, Managing Director, Equity Research European Leisure, Barclays 
  • Vineeth Purushothaman, Digital & Distribution Projects – EMEA, Wyndham Hotel Group
  • Warren Mandelbaum, Senior Sales Director, EMEA, IDeaS      


Companies attending: Accor; Adagio; Alibaba Group; Apaleo; Barclays; Belmond; Bernstein; BVA BDRC; Cheval Collection; Citizen M; Citigate; Cloud Reach; Collliers; Core Hospitalitly A/S; Cornell Hotel School; Corporate Housing Factory; Cycas Hospitality; Dalata Hotel Group; Derbysoft; Dorchester Collection; ESSEC Business School; Expedia Group; Fornova; For-Sight; Google; Gorgeous Smiling Hotels; Gowling; Greystar; Hamilton Hotels Partners; Hilton World Wide; HOSPA; Hotel Analyst; Hotel News Now; Hotel Solutions Partnership; HVS; HVS Hodges Ward Elliot; IDeaS, a SAS Company; iRiS Software Systems; Jurys Inn Hotel Group; Marriott Hotels International; MRP Hotels; Native Apart-Hotels; NK Revenue Solutions; OTA Insight; OYO UK; Pace Dimensions; Pandox; Pass The Keys; Precis Management Services; Precor; Questex Hospitality Group; Rategain; Red Carnation Hotels; Remarkable Hotels; SACO Serviced Apartment; Starwood Capital Group; Stand Palace Hotels; T5 Strategies Business Architecture & Advisory Services; Taylor Wessing; The Montcalm; Titanic Hotels Berlin; Travelclick; Tripadvisor; Up Mail Solutions; Vesper; Wyndham Hotel Group.

Andrew Sangster explains what the event is all about

“The conference is now in its seventh year and has evolved a reputation for asking the difficult questions – even if we cannot promise to always provide the answers. HDE is where hotel investors and hotel operators get to discuss the strategy of hotel distribution. It is a platform for thought leadership rather platitudinous presentations,” says Andrew Sangster, owner of Hotel Analyst and creator of HDE.


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