2015 Event Programme

The Hotel Distribution Event 2015 offered a roster of the leading opinion formers in the hotel technology sector. 2015 covered:

  •        Offline still matters
  •        Where are we now?
  •        Managing the move online
  •        Hot seat – interview with a sharing economy player
  •        Big data
  •        Competing for the transient guest

Here is the full programme:

8.30 – 9.00 Registration and coffee
Refreshments kindly sponsored by Expedia

9.00-9.15 Welcome and opening remarks

Andrew Sangster, owner of ZTZ Communications, publisher of Hotel Analyst and HA-DT

A. Where are we now?

9.15 – 9.35 Session 1 – Presentation

Presenter – Peter O’Connor, editor at large, HA-DT, and Professor at ESSEC
The online share of distribution today and how it is set to grow. A look at current forecasts and a look back at what had been expected. How predictions were confounded, highlighting the surprise survivors and the laggard winners.

9.35 – 10.20 Session 2 – Panel discussion

Moderator – Katherine Doggrell, editor, HA-DT

B. Offline still matters

10.20 – 10.40 Session 3 – Presentation

Reaching the parts that digital doesn’t currently reach – why the offline world still matters in the hotel business.
An overview of those parts of the business which have yet to be digitally disrupted. In particular tour operating and meetings.

Presenter – Paul Slattery, Co-Founder and Director,  Otus &  Co

10.40 – 11.25 Session 4 – Panel discussion

Moderator– Peter O’Connor, editor at large, HA-DT, and Professor at ESSEC

  • Newmarket, an Amadeus Company, Jo Stanford, Managing Director EMEAI
  • ETOA, Tom Jenkins, Executive Director
  • Google, Satyan Joshi, Industry Manager – Travel
  • The Tourism Business, Martin Evans, MD      

11.25 – 11.55   Break
Refreshments kindly sponsored by Expedia

C. Managing the move online

11.55 – 12.15 Session 5 – Presentation

Presenter – Tim Ramskill, Credit Suisse, Head of European Travel & Leisure Equity Research

Preserving shareholder value during the move online. What digital disruption has done so far to the value of hotel chains and the threats to come.

12.15 – 1.00 Session 6 – Panel discussion

Moderator – Andrew Sangster

1.00 – 2.00   Lunch
Refreshments kindly sponsored by Expedia

D. Hot seat

2.00 – 2.20 Session 7

Interview with Tom Magnuson, CEO, Magnuson Hotels Worldwide

Will the winners in the digital race be determined by their marketing muscle or by offering the lowest prices? What lies behind the deal with France’s second biggest hotel chain Louvre? The founder of Magnuson Hotels, which has become a top 10 global hotel chain in 10 years, faces the questions from the Hotel Analyst’s team of journalists.

E. Big Data

2.20 – 2.50 Session 8 – Presentation

Over hyped and under delivered, why hoteliers are not using the mountain of data at their finger-tips and how this can be changed. What is working beyond the hospitality business and how hotels can learn from other sectors.

Presenter – Paul Alexander, Group CEO, Beyond Analysis

2.50 – 3.35 Session 9 – Panel

Panel discussion of what is working and what is not working. Where are the quick wins? And where should investment be focused? Hospitality solution providers debate this subject.

Moderator: Terence Baker ,Reporter, Hotel News Now

3.35 – 4.05 Break
Refreshments kindly sponsored by Expedia

F. Hotel therapy clinic

4.05 – 4.25 Session 10

A leading hotelier receives counselling on his big data and marketing problems.

Patient: CitizenM, Michael Levie, COO

Therapist: SnapShot Travel, Martin Soler, CMO

Supervisor: Hotel Analyst, Andrew Sangster, Editorial Director

G. Competing for the transient guest

4.25 – 4.55 Presentation

The most digitised guest segment, transient travellers, is currently the most competitive. How can hoteliers compete? Are hotels destined to be the product brand and OTAs the retailer? Learn what other industry sectors are doing to stop commoditisation.

Presenter – Lewis Richards, Leading Edge Forum

 4.55 – 5.40 Panel

Moderator: Macy Marvel, Associate, Hotel Analyst

5.40 Closing remarks