Bob has had a 30 year career in the technology industry working for innovative brands such as Oracle, NCR, SAS, and Alterian in senior marketing positions. He has extensive knowledge both operationally (as the Marketing Director/CMO) and strategically (marketing within the Marketing/Social Technology software industry) of the new world of customer engagement, digital transformation and social media.

As far as ‘big data’ is concerned Bob, was there at the start working for Teradata when AT&T (billing data) and Walmart (POS Data) first started collecting then mining massive amounts of data to understand their customers better.

In 2012 he co-founded LeadORS a company focusing on developing online leaders by helping organisations identify, train and support individuals to build their online presence. His personal blog ( is focused on how people find the time and organize themselves for use social media and digital technologies.

Bob also serves as Director of a School Property Charity and is an active member of Hillsong Church where he is also helping people find jobs through social networks.