Q: OMG. Does the world really need another conference?

A: To paraphrase an investment cliché “this one is different”. There are numerous events that deal with hotel, or at least travel, distribution type issues but their focus is on tactical rather than strategic issues. They delve into the nitty-gritty of technology issues, often losing sight of the big picture.

Q: So you are going to be superficial; surely the devil is in the detail?

A: The detail is vital but there is no point understanding the complexity of a technology if you’ve lost sight of the problem or function the technology is there to solve or support.

Q: What makes Hotel Analyst so special that it can do this?

A: We have a decade old heritage dealing with investment issues in the hotel sector and we are bringing that perspective to bear on the distribution and technology side of the hotel business. We have a unique insight.

Q: So you don’t really know anything about hotel distribution?

A: We have been publishing a newsletter, Hotel Analyst Distribution & Technology (www.ha-dt.com), for nearly two years. Our editorial team has the knowledge and contacts to create a programme that addresses the issues that really matter.

Q: What about networking?

A: Of course there will be networking. But we believe that our focus should be on producing compelling content that attracts the right people; the networking will flow organically on from that (although we will do everything we can to ensure it happens).

Q: Just because you publish newsletters doesn’t mean you can run events.

A: Firstly, we have already organised a number of successful events. Secondly, we are working closely with Burba Hotel Network, the organisers of Hotel Investment Europe (Hot.E) which takes place at the same venue in the days after HDE. BHN organise events globally including the world’s biggest hotel investment conference the Americas Lodging Investment Summit.

Q: Why are you holding it in London? Surely the US or Asia are better places.

A: The European hotel market is particularly fragmented and is a key battleground for online travel agents and hotel companies. And London is a key financial and business hub for the continent.

Q: This is just going to be a bunch of hoteliers criticising companies like Expedia and Tripadvisor, isn’t it?

A: No. Smart hoteliers know that such intermediaries are an inevitable feature of any sensible distribution strategy. How you work with them is what matters. And there’s nothing wrong with heated debate providing it is constructive.

Q: Can we sponsor?

A: Yes of course. Among the benefits are two free places and your company’s name up in lights. Plus you’ll be guaranteed our ear on shaping the event (to be clear, that’s our ear and not necessarily our compliance). For the full details on benefits and costs, contact Deborah@zerotwozero.co.uk or request information.