HDE19 Programme 2nd October at The Montcalm London Marble Arch


9.00 Welcome and opening remarks

Andrew Sangster, Editorial Director, Hotel Analyst


9.10 – 9.30 A view from the city: an investment perspective 

A City analyst gives his perspective on how the relationship between hotel brand companies and OTAs is evolving. He will also discuss how investors view the broader travel and accommodation market.

Session 1 – Presentation

Richard Clarke, Senior Analyst European Hotels & Leisure, AB Bernstein


9.30 – 10.10 Investors and Owners Panel

A high-level view of what owners and investors think matters when it comes to selling hotel rooms and driving profitability. Where does technology add value and where does it destroy it?

Session 2 – Panel Discussion 

Moderator: Katherine Doggrell, Editor, Hotel Analyst

Jacob Rasin, Director of Business Development, Pandox
Nick Chadwick, Senior Vice President, Hotel Asset Management, Starwood Capital Group
Richard Clarke, Senior Analyst European Hotels & Leisure, AB Bernstein

10.10 – 10.50 How technology needs to catch up with business transformation needs

It used to be the case that hotel companies failed to keep up with technology but the problem today looks more like tech failing to keep pace with the speed of change in hospitality.

Session 3 – Panel discussion

Moderator: Jeremy Ward, Cloud Strategist, cloudreach

Bryan Hammer, Vice President IT, Belmond
Paul Payne, CTO, iRiS Software Systems
Dave Chapman, Strategist, cloudreach
Mark Campbell, Chief Information Officer, Dorchester


10.50– 11.20 COFFEE BREAK


11.20 – 12.00  Debating distribution – hear from hotel execs 

Senior execs from hotel companies disclose what is on their radars when it comes to hotel distribution issues. What is the truth about business challenges: what is being overhyped and what is being missed?

Session 4 – Panel discussion

Moderator: Jerome Wise, Vice President – Enterprise Clients, Travelclick

Vineeth Purushothaman, Digital & Distribution Projects – EMEA, Wyndham
Suzie Thompson, Vice President – Marketing, Distribution & Revenue Management, Red Carnation
Osama Hirzalla, Vice President Sales & Distribution Europe, Marriott Hotels International


12.00 – 12.30 Distribution innovation 

Three of the biggest innovators set out what they are doing and what comes next. They will share what has worked and reveal what has failed.

Session 5 – Presentations

12.00 – 12.10 Jeremy Sanders, Head of OYO UK

12.10 – 12.20 Terry Von Bibra, General Manager – Europe, Alibaba Group

12.20 – 12.30 Orla Lee, VP EMEA, Market Management, Expedia Group


12.30 – 1.00 – Distribution innovation discussed 

Our innovators discuss the future of distribution and e-commerce in the accommodation industry.

Session 6 – Panel debate

Moderator: Mateus Paes Campos Coelho, Associate Vice President, Sales & Distribution – Europe, RateGain

Jeremy Sanders, Head of OYO UK
Terry Von Bibra, General Manager – Europe, Alibaba Group
Orla Lee, VP EMEA, Market Management, Expedia Group


1.00 – 2.00 LUNCH BREAK


2.00 – 2.20 The broken business model of hotel brand companies 

Real estate owners are beginning to question whether OTAs are more expensive than hotel brand companies. Has the emphasis on booking direct online cannibalised other direct to hotel property channels and failed to stop OTAs growing their share? What are the answers for owners?

Session 7 – Presentation

Peter O’Connor PhD, Professor of Information Systems, ESSEC Business School, France IMHI


2.20 – 3.00 Panel discussion: The role of brand in hotel distribution 

Hotel brands continue to grow at the expense of independents. What do brands offer that independents cannot find elsewhere? Will the momentum shift away from the hotel brand companies?

Session 8 – Panel discussion

Moderator: Nir Dupler, CRO, Fornova

Satyan Joshi, Hotel Ads Business Leader, Google
Lennert de Jong, Chief Commercial Officer,Citizen M
James Wheatcroft, VP Marketing Northern Europe, Accor
Peter O’Connor, PhD, Professor of Information Systems, ESSEC Business School, France IMHI

3.00 – 3.40  Sitting between brand and owner: The distribution role for third party operators 

The vertical disintegration of the hotel business has created separate companies focused on brand, on operations and on real estate. A new breed of third-party operators sitting between owners and hotel brand companies have a different set of distribution strategies.

Session 9 – Panel debate

Moderator: Macy Marvel, Associate, Hotel Analyst

Neetu Mistry, Commercial Director, Cycas Hospitality
Andreas Erben, Founder & Managing Director, Gorgeous Smiling Hotels
Margerie Suon, Senior Associate, Hamilton Hotel Partners
Alex Mavridis, Chief Operating Officer, Hotel Solutions Partnership


3.40 – 4.10 COFFEE BREAK


4.10 – 4.30  Digital grows up 

The implications of rising digital maturity on the hospitality sector. The presentation will explore the developments of hotel and digital media/distribution and  how they will play out and the implications for distribution.

Session 10– Presentation

Tim Davis, Founder and Managing Partner, Pace Dimensions

4.30 -4.50 Impact of the sharing economy

An expert from a brand agency explores the evolution of sharing platforms, the impact on hotel guests and how much sharing platforms are substitutional or incremental to hotel demand.

Session 11 – Presentation

Tanya Sharapova, Research Manager, BVA BDRC
Joy Desseigne, Research Manager, BVA BDRC 


4.50 – 5.20 Where the sharing economy will take the hotel industry 

The sharing economy is fundamentally altering the nature of the accommodation industry. This discussion centres on the future shape of real estate, operations and brand.

Session 12 – Panel discussion

Moderator: Jocelyn Paulley, Partner, Gowling 

James Bland, Director, BVA BDRC
Harvey Hernandez, CEO, Niido Collection
Matt Chetwood, COO, Pass the Keys
Sean Worker, Managing Director & Principal, T5 Strategies Business Architecture & Advisory Services


5.20 – 5.30 Summary and conference closure

Andrew Sangster, Editorial Director, Hotel Analyst



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