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1) Website ownership and terms of use

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2) Private information and your money

How we use your personal information is governed by our Privacy Policy. Please note, we will do our best to stop marketing to you when you ask us. We will not store any credit card, debit card or other payment information that would allow us to access your money.

3) Intellectual property rights

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4) Products and pricing

Each of our products and services is clearly labelled for pricing. Our products and services are subject to VAT where applicable and this is indicated in the pricing.

5) Cancellation and refunds

We do not offer a refund for our products and services. As knowledge products, once access is granted, it is not possible to reverse the benefit obtained (we have yet to develop the Neuralyzer featured in the Men in Black films). Customers are requested to familiarise themselves with the content of our products and services prior to purchase (we offer free trials and / or sample pages to facilitate this). Customers are free to cancel any of the subscription products if they so wish but no refund is offered for the remaining term (although we can probably do a deal for one of our other services if that is of interest). No renewals are made without customer consent. We will offer a refund for delegate places at our events provided you contact us five working days prior to the event (there will be a small administration fee). Delegate places can be substituted if we receive written confirmation from the original purchaser.

6) Delivery

For our physical products we will happily post you another copy of the same product if the postal service has let us down. If you cannot access our online products we will do our best to enable you to be able to use them. If there is a problem we will have our technical people talk to your technical people. In over 10 years of trading we have fixed just about every issue our customers have had.

7) Disclaimer

We are not offering investment advice. We are often giving our opinion but we cannot take responsibility if we get things wrong and you need to make your own decisions based on a range of views. We offer no warranty that what we write is accurate. If you don’t like what we say or believe we have published something that is wrong, let us know and we will try to put it right.

8) Complaints

If you have a problem that needs attention from senior management please email andrew(at)zerotwozero.co.uk. You can telephone +44 (0)20 8870 6388.

9) Common sense and decency

We try to apply both common sense and decency in our business dealings. We hope you will too. If we are failing, let us know.